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Coverage Area Map

We are proud to serve the US and Canada bringing the light after the storm. This map highlights the states in which we have worked.

Contractor Map

This map highlights the location of our Canadian, vegetation, union distribution, and non-union distribution contractors.
Union Distribution
Non-Union Distribution

Canadian Division

  • Multiple Union Affiliations
  • 500+ personnel available
  • Experienced with border crossing
  • Average mobilization time: 5-8 hours to most Northeast utility partners

Management Teams

With years of experience under their belts, our management teams are equipped with the knowledge and skills to oversee multiple crews and assess any necessary restoration. Our professionals are not only capable of managing risks but also analyzing and mitigating them to minimize potential damage. They understand the importance of relaying crucial information back to the command center to develop and execute a strategy plan. Moreover, their expertise in leadership makes them available to fill any necessary roles during any event. Our professional management teams are committed to ensuring a smooth and successful outcome for every situation.

Staged Equipment Yards

Our team is highly experienced in chartering resources into the Northeast region. With an equipment yard located in Beacon Falls, we are able to provide 100 fully trained employees within just half a day. Our commitment to professionalism ensures that all of our resources are fully equipped and prepared to handle any job that comes their way. We are currently expanding our reach to include a Midwest yard with utility trucks, allowing us to support an additional FTEs in surrounding utilities. Our top priority is providing reliable, efficient resources to our clients while maintaining the highest level of professionalism in all of our operations.

Union Affiliations

Off-Road Equipment

Safety & Quality